P90X Scam; Watch out!

22 07 2010

P90X scams online are pretty common, so this isn’t exactly shocking to me. Tony Horton posted this on Facebook earlier today and encouraged people to spread it around, so I thought I’d post a link to the article here.

If you’re going to buy P90X or any Beachbody products online, make sure you buy from the official Beachbody site, or from a Beachbody Coach.

The full article can be found here: Beware of P90X Workout Video Scam

Why Punch Tony?

22 06 2010

“Because he says stupid lines throughout his videos.

Because he is not the next Chuck Norris.

Because P90X is not better than BowFlex.

Because his hair never moves.

Because he loves Drea.

Because he endorses the P90X Recovery drink often.”

This made me laugh. It was written by a fellow P90X grad, with no disrespect meant to Tony.

This blog site purely for fun and humor. By no means do want to cause harm to Tony Horton, heck that would be a mistake…….he is one badass mofo. This is basically a tribute to him and his sayings. He is a righteous dude and we want to celebrate by creating a site where everyone can submit their thoughts, comments and fav moments from P90X”

Check out his blog for more.

And really, his hair never moves. Ever!

Quick Update

22 06 2010

I just wanted to update quickly on my (lack of) progress last week. I missed the last three workouts of last week, and I haven’t had time to keep up with the blog. I’ve decided that I’ll be repeating the first week, and I will pick up where I left off on my reviews on day 4 of this week.

A more positive note: my diet has been excellent, and I haven’t had a single drop of diet pop since my first post. Its actually easier than I thought it would be!

I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow, but I’m scheduling my day around my workout so I have no excuses.

P90X Day 3, Warning! (Also, Shoulders and Arms)

18 06 2010

Since Shoulders and Arms is a pretty basic weightlifting routine, I’m going to start this post with an update on my progress and pain level.

Personally, I think Day 3 and 4 are the absolute hardest days in P90X. When I did my first round, I was completely out of shape, but I got through Day 1 and 2. By day 3, I was completely unable to move. My triceps, chest, back, and biceps (from some of the pull-ups) were killing me from the Chest and Back workout, my abs, and even my legs were hurting from Ab Ripper, and my legs were completely stiff from Plyo on day 2. It was so bad, I took the rest of the week off and restarted the program on the following Monday.

This happened because I went all out on the first two days, without preparing myself beforehand, and I wasn’t following the nutrition plan at all.

If you are new to P90X (or very out of shape like I was) please consider this warning!

Do the first week at low-medium intensity to prepare your body for the intense workouts. The P90X guide states that it doesn’t hurt to extend a phase by a week, so if you feel like you’re not making any progress in that low intensity week, just add another high intensity week to Phase 1. Sure, it adds a week to the program, but believe me, its worth it. You won’t be making any progress if you can’t move!

To update on my current pain level: My legs were very stiff during the workout (Shoulders and Arms). Luckily, I didn’t need to use them, so the pain had no effect on my workout.

Despite being in a little bit of pain, the workout went very well. There isn’t much to say about Shoulders and Arms. It mainly consists of curls, presses, kickbacks, etc. Its a nice break from all the bodyweight exercises and jumping of Day 1 and 2.

Although my pain level is decreasing, I’m still looking forward to Day 7, Rest!

P90X Day 2, Plyometrics

16 06 2010

Well, the pain from Day 1 finally kicked in. Although I’m not nearly as sore as I was on my first round, I’m still surprisingly sore and stiff. I’m really looking forward to Yoga on day 4; hopefully it’ll loosen me up a bit.

Plyometrics destroyed me today, but I got through it. Like I said yesterday, I shouldn’t have taken two weeks off. This is an insane workout that focuses mainly on jumping. The thing I like most about it is, you can modify most of the moves to make them easier or harder just by changing the height of your jump or the depth of your squat/lunge.

The workout is about 50 minutes long (not including the 10 minute warm-up) and consists of six sequences of four moves. The first three moves are 30 seconds long, and the fourth is usually a full minute. After each sequence is completed, it is repeated, and then there is a 30 second water break before the next sequence starts. This doesn’t sound too bad, but believe me, it is exhausting. I had to pause a few times just to get my heart rate back down into the zone.

Some of the more difficult moves:

Jump Knee tuck: Jump straight up, tucking the knees up toward your chest. Land softly. Note: Try keeping up with Dominic on the second round!

Mary Katherine Lunges: Arms straight up, legs in a lunge position with the left leg forward. Jump, switch legs in midair, and repeat.

I would strongly advise wearing a heart rate monitor (see my new rule) for this workout to help stay in the zone, and also track how many calories are burned. For this workout, I spent 17 minutes over my zone (around 165-182) and burned 964 calories.

My legs feel like rubber, my chest, back and abs are on fire, but I feel great! 88 days to go!

New Rule for Round 2

16 06 2010

After today’s plyometrics workout, I decided to add another rule to my list. I will wear my heart rate monitor for every cardio workout throughout the program. I only wore it a few times in my first round, and I’d definitely like to get more use out of it this round.

I’ll be posting my heart rate monitor stats on each cardio day, starting with my day 2 post tomorrow.

P90X Day 1, Chest and back + Ab Ripper X

15 06 2010

“Don’t say, ‘I can’t’, say ‘I presently struggle with..’ “ -Tony Horton

Wow, taking two weeks off was a bad idea.

The workout went well; chest and back is one of my favorites, but the push-up bars really make it difficult. Without bars, I can do 45-50 push-ups easily, but last night I was only able to do about 25 with the bars, making sure I went deep with every rep.

People who are just starting P90X may think this workout is difficult insane. Its about an hour long, and consists of various types of push-ups, pull-ups, and some weighted exercises. Here is a list of the exercises in this workout. By the way, Tony mentions several times that push-ups and pull-ups are maximum rep exercises.

  1. Standard Push-ups
  2. Wide front Pull-ups
  3. Military Push-ups
  4. Reverse grip Chin-ups
  5. Wide fly Push-ups
  6. Close grip overhand Pull-ups
  7. Decline Push-ups
  8. Heavy pants
  9. Diamond Push-ups
  10. Lawnmowers
  11. Dive bomber Push-ups
  12. Back flys

You might be thinking, “Oh, that doesn’t sound too bad”, and you’re right. At this point in the workout, there are still 22 minutes left. So what do we do for the remaining 22 minutes? We repeat that whole sequence!

Some notable moves:

Diamond Push-ups: Index fingers and thumbs touch together, forming a diamond shape. Elbows flare out as you lower yourself down until your chest touches your hands, and then push up.

Dive bomber Push-ups: Start in a position similar to downward dog, go down “under the fence” to upward dog, then go “back under the fence” to downward dog.

After all of that, it was time for Ab Ripper X, another favorite of mine. This one always challenges me, and today was no different. The workout consists of 12 different ab moves, and there are a total of 349 reps (including the bonus mason twists at the end).  On day one of my first round, I got about 5 minutes into Ab Ripper before I completely failed. Now, I can pretty much get through it without problems. Maybe later in the week I’ll share my secret way of getting through Ab Ripper 100%. Okay, its not really a secret, but I’m surprised more people don’t do it.

Although I got through both workouts with no trouble, I expect to be pretty sore tomorrow. One down, 89 to go, bring it on Plyometrics!


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